Our flexible Wall Model is ideal for any room, no matter how much space is available.

Whether in the cellar or in living rooms – there is always a suitable variant for setting up the shelf.

One detail applies to all possibilities: the wall shelf grows with you – even in all colours! Thanks to the flexibility and simple construction, there are no restrictions in terms of capacity and choice of colour.

The majority of our Wall Models are also available for self-construction.

The Wall Model Modular

Our Package of the Model Modular always contains 12 bottle holders (with 2 end pieces) and 12 intermediate pieces (with 2 end pieces) in the basic configuration.

With this package you can build different shelves according to your needs and the spatial conditions. The best thing about it: If you want to expand, you can do so at any time without any problems. Just order another package and you can expand your wine collection.
The Modular Model can be installed on the floor or standing on any other surface. Screws are included to fix it to the wall.


Example: Wall Model Modular Corner

Example: Wall Model Modular T-Shape

WM3TT  Wall Model Modular TT-shape


WM2 Wall Model Modular, double with intermediate piece



WME1 Wall Model Modular corner


WM3T Wall Model Modular T-shape



WMS2 Starter Kit, without intermediate piece

Data sheet

WM1 Wall Model Modular, simple with intermediate piece


WMS1 Starter Kit, without intermediate piece


Wall Model Classic

The classic shelf with 12 bottles – 3 rows of 4 bottles or 4 rows of 3 bottles – just as you like it! The Classic model is pre-packaged and can be easily ordered. It is the only two models that are freely suspended when mounted on the wall.

Example: Wall Model Modular T-Shape

WMK4 Wall Model Classic 4×3


WMK3 Wall Model Classic 3×4


Wall Model Professional use

With the Model Professional usw you can easily turn any wall into a wine rack. With our modular packages you can expand infinitely – as much space as you need. And how much you have.

Matching mounting brackets are included. So that your wine bottles also remain safely in the right position.

Example Wallmounting professional

Example corner mounting professional

Mounting example

How can I order a rack - art bottle rack?

We will provide a list of our dealers in your region very soon. In the meantime we can help you personally – please contact us at:

E-Mail: hello@rack-art.com
Sales Germany : +49-171-4205799
Sales Austria : +43-664-2446924

I have a distribution company and would like to add rack-art products to my range.