Our Carousel Models are true space-saving solutions.

Up to 480 bottles can be stored on a small floor space.


The rotating bottle racks are also available as mobile versions depending on capacity – only when the quantity of more than 250 bottles is reached, the rack is fixed at one location – up to this quantity you can also move your wines flexibly in the presentation room.

Carousel Model Table

The Carousel Model Table with up to 48 bottles is the easiest to use in the private sector as well as in restaurants or wine shops. It can be easily presented on movable furniture. The optional refrigerator ensures perfect cooling of the bottles.

Carousel Model Table, rotating 48 or 72 bottles  



Carousel Model Table,  rotating 48 or 72 bottles with cube


Carousel Model Table,  rotating 48 or 72 bottles, cube and refrigerator


Model Carousel Stationary

With the Carousel Model Stationary most bottles can be stored. The installation of the ceiling model is very easy – the carousel is clamped between the floor and ceiling of the room. The assembly is done without drilling or screwing the ceiling or the floor. The fixed carousel can store up to 480 bottles. Hardly more than 1m² is required for this.

Carousel Model Stationary, rotating various capacities up to 480 bottles

Data sheet


Construction of the Model Carousel Stationary

Model Carousel Mobile

The Model Carousel Mobile can store up to 280 bottles in a space-saving and mobile way. The carousel is mounted on a stable plate with rollers and can be moved without much effort. Ideal for wine shops. Impressive for presentations.

Carousel Model Mobile, rotatable and mobile, various capacities up to 280 bottles


How can I order a rack-art™ bottle rack?

We will provide a list of our dealers in your region very soon. In the meantime we can help you personally – please contact us at:

E-Mail: hello@rack-art.com
Sales Germany : +49-171-4205799
Sales Austria : +43-664-2446924

I have a distribution company and would like to add rack-art products to my range.