Carousel Model Table KT2

The perfect storage for wine from a perfect location.
The revolving Carousel Model Table KT2 stores up to 48 bottles in optimal inclination.

Colour: Anthracite

The shelf is delivered prefabricated without bottles.



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The revolving Carousel Model Table KT2 stores 48 bottles in a very small space.

On less than 1m² floor space 48 bottles can be perfectly stored and presented. The modular design guarantees the optimum angle of inclination for all bottles and the label of each bottle is always visible.

The shelf is suitable for wine and sparkling wine bottles up to 1.0l

The scope of delivery is:
– 1 wine carousel for 48 bottles
– 1 base plate
– 1 wooden end part (top end)
The shelf is packed in a cardboard box and shipped. (1 package)
The shelf is supplied in anthracite as standard and consists of recyclable plastic, wood and metal parts.

Dimensions according to data sheet.